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Because who in their right mind would even consider something this idiotic?


The 2016 Mongol Rally

This summer, we're driving a crappy old car from the UK to Mongolia with no knowledge of cars whatsoever, no backup, and no support... what could possibly go wrong?


The Mongol Rally

What on earth did we just get ourselves into?


As neither of us degenerates fancied the typical backpacking vacation that most young adults embark on nowadays, we decided to do something more radical instead. Why not participate in the 2016 Mongol Rally and drive a crappy old car halfway around the globe from London to Mongolia? We hatched the plan in some dingy bar, and haven’t looked back since! Naturally we have tried to socially justify this foolish adventure, which is why we will donate all of our excess donations to the Dutch-based Stichting MS Research Charity. Abel and Luca both have someone close to them that suffers from multiple sclerosis; an autoimmune disease that affects the nervous system and disrupts the flow of information both within the brain and between the brain and the body, which results in a wide variety of symptoms that

gradually reduce the quality of life of those affected. Common symptoms include difficulties with mobility, overwhelming fatigue, visual disturbances and many more. Currently, there is no consensus on what causes MS, there is no known cure, and the long-term outcome of those affected is hard to predict. Metaphorically speaking, it’s not that different from driving an old car halfway around the globe: we will most likely encounter technical problems along the way, we cannot predict when these will occur nor can we predict their severity, and we cannot anticipate whether these issues will remit or whether they will become progressively worse. We just have to hope for the best, and with any luck we’ll experience just a handful of minor setbacks and a truckload of major comebacks!

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Incredibly Ill-Advised Adventure

The Team

So far we can introduce two out of three Cruisers to the world. The boys first met at the start of their International Relations Master’s program in Groningen in 2014, and they immediately bonded over their appreciation of off-color humor and their below average guitar-playing abilities. As neither team member has

ever looked beneath the hood of a car at any point in their lives, these youngsters look poised to get into trouble sooner rather than later. The identity of our third driver is still shrouded in mystery, but some say he may be Vin Diesel himself…

Luca Germani

Luca Germani

Temperamental Italian

Even though he was born and raised in Rome and is a descendant of a fifteenth-century captain in the Pope’s Army (true story), Luca still manages to root for a football team from Turin. His general geographical unawareness will definitely come in handy during our cross-continental journey sans GPS technology! On a more positive note, if we ever get kidnapped in Russia, Luca’s connections amongst Putin’s inner circle are sure to keep us out of those cozy Siberian gulags!

Abel Spithost

Abel Spithost

Dutch Manchild

Growing up in the aesthetically unimpressive countryside of the Netherlands, Abel would like to find out whether the entire planet is just as flat and full of meadows as his home province. Very prone to cult of personality tactics, he tends to sympathize with all the shady world leaders for all the wrong reasons. His childish sense of humor will undoubtedly piss off his team members within a matter of hours, and they'll likely have him detained at the first possible border-crossing.

The Stig

The Stig

Mysterious Third Team Member

Our third team member is all smoke and mirrors up until this point. Some say he is such a good chauffeur that he doesn't even need a car to drive to Mongolia. Some say he might not really be a he and may actually bring some well-needed diversity to our team. All we know is the Stig hasn't answered any of our texts and we feel played.

No chance you guys will make it to Mongolia

Wouter van der Schors

I'm pretty sure these guys have never even looked under the hood of a car before

Rob Eekhout

I hope you two at least make it to Dover

Adil Mehboob-Khan

"Panda Rei"

Raimondo Mantacheti

Good luck! But don't celebrate with fermented yak's milk when you get there!

Mark Gentili

The Route

'Let's hope they don't get abducted' -- Our friends, hopefully

On July the 16th, 2016, the boys will embark on their epic journey starting in London. They’ll cross the channel and drive southeast towards the outskirts of Europe, enter into Asia as they cross the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul, and then take an eastbound route that will take them all way to Tehran, Iran. From there,

it’s up through the Stans of Central Asia, into Russia, as they’ll enter the home stretch and blast full throttle (if that part of the car still works at this point) to the finish line in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia, after which they’ll drop off our car in Ulan Ude, Russia. Take a peek at our tentative route below!



We'll be donating to two charities as part of this project. Find out more about them here!

Cool Earth: The first charity we’ll be raising money for is the official charity partner of the 2016 Mongol Rally: Cool Earth. As half the rainforest has been destroyed in the last 40 years,  Cool Earth works alongside indigenous villages to halt rain forest destruction. All their partnerships are community-owned and led, and Cool Earth works on the frontline of deforestation in an attempt to make the neighboring forest inaccessible to loggers – savings millions of acres of further forest.

The Mongol Rally stipulates that teams raise at least £1.000 (~€1.400) for charitable organizations, of which at least £500 has to be donated to its official parter. At the end of our project, we will donate said £500 to Cool Earth, and we would like to grant the remaining donations to a charity of our choosing, namely….

Stichting MS Research – is a Dutch-based nonprofit organization that finances scientific research for multiple sclerosis, raises awareness for the disease, and provides health care benefits to those affected. As mentioned in the Our Mission section, there is no consensus on what causes MS and there currently is no available cure. The progression of the disease is very hard to predict and the current medication used for treatment often has several adverse side effects. We would love to raise as much funds as possible to help Stichting MS Research in their quest to improve the quality of life of all those affected.

For more information about multiple sclerosis, take a look at the Stichting MS Research website (in Dutch) or the University of Maryland website (in English).

Driving a car to Mongolia isn’t exactly a low-priced endeavor. Therefore, aside from our own measly contributions as unemployed students, we are trying to crowdfund as much of our project as possible! Currently, we expect our entire project to cost about €10.000, incl. visas, fuel, airfare back etc. As mentioned, we’ll also be making an initial donation of £1000 (1400€) split between  Cool Earth and MS Research, and hope to be able to donate significantly more once our expenses are covered. Other than this set donation to charity, we will initially try to cover our own expenses for the journey both through donations and through sponsoring. Once we’ve raised our estimated expenditures, all our excess donations will be directly donated to MS Research.

You’re probably asking yourself why you would donate to this ludicrous adventure. Well, while you’re tanning in a rather lame touristy location sometime this summer devoid of any excitement other than what you’ll be having for dinner that day, you can vicariously live through us instead! We promise that we won’t bombard you with exceptionally long travel blogs laden with descriptive terms. In addition, we’ve created some unique perks for donors that’ll undoubtedly convince you!

If your current state of mind is as follows, please proceed to our Donate options!

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Do you want your firm to receive extensive exposure in a unique fashion, support two charitable causes, and to help two youngsters to realize their journey of a lifetime? If so, sponsoring Team A Cruise of Qings represents a golden opportunity for your business!

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A shoutout to all our sponsors and donors

TomTom Bandit Action Cam – Edit & Share your action in minutes (not hours)! Easy editing in minutes, built-in action sensors & waterproof to 40 meters.

Team A Cruise of Qings will shoot most of its Mongol Rally video footage with these action cams, so be sure to regularly check our videos and YouTube channel for video from before, during, and after the rally!

Visit the TomTom Bandit Action Cam webpage here!

Phenofarm produces clean-label, solvent-free standardized active compounds sourced from traceable olive fruit and leaves (100% Olea Europea) by-products destined to the food preservation, food supplement, and cosmetic industries.
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Budesign is a brand of t-shirts ideated and created personally by Giulia. On the linked webpage you can check out some of her creations. Other color combinations and other designs can be ordered custom according to your own preferences.

Contact Giulia on her Facebook page!

Marketing and advertising agency in Rome giving us a big help with the promotion of our adventure and with the sponsor search.

Contact: email luca.liverani@liver.191.it ; tel: +39 066383320

Core International School in Rome was founded in 1983 and is staffed by qualified, experienced British teachers. The school – nursery and primary – began in a small way and although it has grown over the last thirty years we have been able to maintain the original familiar atmosphere where children of many nationalities, cultures and religious backgrounds, learn to live and work together in harmony.

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“Panella, L’Arte del Pane” is your traditional bakery in the centre of Rome. As it has done for the past 100 years, its traditionally made bakery products still wake up the surrounding neighbourhood on the tune of its perfumes, loyal to the most antique memories and to the skill of the early 1900s artisans.

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We owe some special thanks to the following people:

Martijn Moedt: for all the advice on how to set up our website, and for helping us out whenever we couldn’t understand what computer code was trying to tell us.

Hanna Spithost: for letting us use her awesome camera to take some team photos.

And thank you so much to all our donors! We’d probably be hanging out at some dull camping in France this summer if it wasn’t for all of you!

Henriette van Aken

Giulia Andreoli

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Ilaria Apollonio

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Valerie Hughes – Core International School

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